Reinforce Your Browsing with Secure Firewall, Ad-Blocking & Privacy Guard

Don’t let dubious websites trap you. Get Bit Guardian Firewall and ensure top-level security while using the internet. Experience safer, faster and more reliable connection to your favorite websites without the fear of being traced.

Why do you need Bit Guardian Firewall?

The Internet is a place of opportunities as well as risks. One of the most prominent risk factors associated with the Internet is the existence of malicious websites with notorious pieces of programs that want to invade your computer to fulfill their illegitimate purposes, such as stealing your private information.

The websites that you visit are easy gateway through which hackers take a pass into your system. Moreover, the tempting ads that often pop up on your screen are also a trap laid by them. Bit Guardian Firewall protects your computer from such attacks and keeps your data intact.

How Bit Guardian Firewall protects you from malicious activities and ads?
  • Malicious URL Blocking:

    In most instances, an average computer falls prey to hackers by clicking unsafe URLs. Therefore, Bit Guardian Firewall blocks malicious URLs to protect you.

  • Ad-Blocking:

    Yes, ads are captivating. But, often they are a disguise that notorious minds use to invade your privacy. Bit Guardian Firewall blocks suspicious ads to safeguard you.

  • Live URL Tracking:

    Your online footprints are often tracked for marketing, analytical, and various other purposes. Bit Guardian Firewall ensures that your privacy remains intact in this process.

Top Rated User Recommendation & Award-Winning Tool

Bit Guardian Firewall blocks all sorts of ads including pop-up ads and banner ads.

Include Avira as an Add-On Protection to Level Up Your Online Security

Bit Guardian Firewall offers comprehensive customization for its users that includes an add-on protection. Users can buy Avira malware databases to further consolidate their online and offline protection. Since Avira is the most trusted malware database provider, Bit Guardian Firewall is built to accommodate its database in the system to provide an impenetrable security layer.


Look at what our users have to say about Bit Guardian Firewall.

Alex Tumba

An amazing internet security tool
Cybercrimes used to worry me a lot. After using Bit Guardian Firewall, I can browse safely without any worries. Kudos to the developers for making such a tool.


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Joe Gardener

Ads do not trouble me anymore
Pop-up ads used to distract and annoy me. But, after using Bit Guardian Firewall, I can do my work peacefully without any disturbance. It blocks all the ads.


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Simon Willis

A guardian that everyone needs
The Internet always felt like a risky place to me. But, after using Bit Guardian Firewall, I feel safe and protected from all online attacks. Thank you, developers.


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    You can get in touch with us for any assistance with Bit Guardian Firewall. We will get back to you at the earliest.

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